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Most of the demos on this page, as you'll probably notice, are pretty old. I haven't been writing many applets lately, because I've been working for the past two years or so on the MetaphoriaTM Data Transformation Server (DTS).

The MetaphoriaTM Data Transformation Server (DTS) is a server-side Web application framework that facilitates the automatic generation of Web sites that flexibly present distributed, heterogeneous data without relocating or physically reformatting the original content. Written entirely in Java, Metaphoria DTS takes advantage of the Java Servlet API in order to present this content through the Web. As one example of the type of application for which Metaphoria DTS can be used, we've created an online demo. This Searchable MetaRepository of Internet RFCs provides a much more user-friendly view than the plain-text form in which the documents are actually stored. Metaphoria DTS accomplishes this flexible presentation of the data without relocating it from its original pubically-archived location.

Here are a few samples of older Java programs I've written. I also co-authored a book on Java, Java Programming Basics, available now at a bookstore near you. The Java Programming Basics home page also has links you can use to order the book online.

Arnold: A 3-D articulated robot figure. Originally written for Java 1.0a3 in 1995. Still works! (...mostly)

Fifteen: The classic puzzle-game implemented as a Java applet.

BioSimulation: using Java's object-orientation to model real-world systems.

LittleChat: an all-Java Web-based chat application.

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