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Welcome to my home page. This page is most often visited by me, as a comfortable place from which to surf. However, I also use it as a showcase to demonstrate work that I've done, and as a testing ground for anything new that I'm working on. As a result, it's in a constant state of change, and it's always (dare I say?...)
"Under Construction".
Useful Links Useful Links
Search engines, software archives, places I visit often, other home pages, Java-related sites, Mac-related sites, generally cool stuff...
Resumé Résumé
A professor of mine from NYU once noted, "You've got sort of an oddball background." What on earth could have prompted him to say that?
Java Demos Java
A few Java applets and applications I've written.
Publications Publications
Books, articles, and technical papers I've written and edited.
Apple Apple
I work for Apple, Inc. in Cupertino, CA.
About Dave... About Dave
Surely you're wondering, "Who is this guy?" You won't find the answer here, but at least you'll discover some clues.

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